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About me

I'm a mathematician that draws ;)

I'm also a PhD student at EPFL. Working on Signal Processing in

If you want to know more about my research, please check my work website.

November 2020

It’s after Halloween, and EPFL is closed, but I finished a poster advertising Creative Wednesdays! I guess I’m not going to hang it… I added it, together with the previous poster, to the gallery.

June 2020

It’s been a while… If you want to see what I’ve been up to, check out Jakub’s blog!

February 2020

I got a brush pen for birthday! And I don’t know how to draw with it now :D

Inktober 2019

I made only a few drawings from Inktober list, but I’m posting them anyway because my bf suggested that, and I made those drawings using his brush pen, so I felt obliged.

April 2019: All galleries are up!

Now I have a few pictures in each category! This made me realise how few good and interesting drawings I have done. I have like, 10 different versions of the Owls, but there is not that much to put on the website in the end.

March 2019: So, I made a website

This is supposed to be my personal website where I can post drawings. There is a small chance for blog posts, comics or other stuff, but those will be rare.

Ideally I would also like to merge this page and my EPFL page (see link on the left), but that won’t happen any time soon…